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    Admission Form
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    Admission certificates identifiable information with application

       a.Old higher secondary examination under 10 +2 11th High School Examination Board scoresheet.
       b.SC / ST / OBC certificate given by the officer authorized by the Government.
       c.Physical disability certificates to applicants with disabilities Handikepd Panchayat and Social Welfare Department in the prescribed form given
          by the District Medical Board or arthritis specialist.
       d.Freedom fighters or their sons / daughters / grandson / grandson / granddaughter have been provided by the related certification collector.
          The purpose of this rule is that the name refers to the freedom fighters of Chhattisgarh is registered in the list contained in the respective
          district Collectorate.
       e.Ex-soldier or dependent on her son / daughter in the case of a certificate given by the District Sainik Board. Please specify the Commanding
          Officer of the unit certificates of soldiers employed.
       f.Directorate of Employment and Training subordinate departmental employee / officer son / daughter certificate to be issued by the head office.
       g.Certificate of Registered orphanage (collector has been issued by the Office).
       h.Widow / Divorced related to certification.

    Free seat selection process for admission on the basis of merit

       1. On the merit basis, check all applications received after the prescribed minimum academic qualifications for classwise business scoresheet
          shown in the scores created by percentage shall be admitted on the basis of merit list.
       2. Similar to applicants who attain the age of the applicant will be more, it will be given preference in the merit list.
       3. Admission must be based on merit list.

       Payment seat on merit in the selection process and determine the location for

       1. Industrial training institutions, 30 percent of the approved places additional engineering businesses and non - engineering trades under the
          seat should be filled to 30 per cent payment.
       2. There is no reservation for payment into the seat.
       3. Payment seat in the application form for admission to the applicant that its consent to the entry will be entitled to payment based on merit
       4. Granting consent to enter payment seat merits applicants will be selected based on the free seat.

    Holiday-related information

       1. Every Sunday in the month, second, third Saturday and declared by the state government and district administration declared by government
       2. Casual leave - the year are eligible for 12 days casual leave.
       3. Two years of business in the second year of training are eligible for 12 days casual leave.
       4. But the first year, with no place left holiday in second year. casual leave does not adjust with other holidays.
       5. Medical Leisure: -
       6. Small medical Leisure: -7-Day for one-year and 2-year-old Businesses are eligible for a 15 day vacation.
       7. leave long therapy - for a maximum of 3 months for 1- year Business and 2-year-old businesses leave maximum 6 weeks once it is approved.
       8. Special leave - required Work / illness for 10 days special leave for 1- year and maximum 15-day for 2-year-old businesses to businesses,
          which can be extended up to 30 days.

    Trainees transfer rules

       1. The institution trainees transfer to that institution transfer after the approved place more participants at the transfer shall not.
       2. The organization wants to transfer the trainee, the institution that class / category of trainees were last entered percent or more percent of the
          transfer will be made only upon.
       3. Trainees the end of the transfer will be made up within three months.
       4. Government official / employee to transfer their son / daughters will be only space on transfer institutions.
       5. Considering the above points trainees Transfer Case Joint Director, Regional Office, with its recommendations should be transmitted to the
          directorate. Directorate issued order will be leaving the test.
       6. If trainees transfer section is changed so that the division's joint director related entity Charge Zone United operator, get necessary
          information, including recommendations for transfer episode directorate will display.
       7. In special circumstances, the Director of Employment and Training, the transfer will be able to relax by the rules.
       8. Payment will not transfer the seat of the trainees entered.

    Trainees transfer rules

       Trainees being disbanded by the discipline of the institution against their principal / superintendent will be the disciplinary action, which
       * Suspension
       * Removal

       Etc. may be included in the test to prevent **.
       1. Each trainee at the institution determines the uniform (uniform), smoke gray paint and shirts (half sleeve) / salwar kurta / saree must attend
          training everyday wear.
       2. For a period of one month, the total will be temporary and the trend towards the training of trainee Javega found, they will be free from
         the institution without prior notice.
       3.      a. A one day training officer absent without authorization by the trainees would be given a warning and foster father.
         b. Up to 10 consecutive days absent without authorization by the suspension of the proceedings training superintendent.
         c. Institution participating in the removal and examination shall be authorized to stop the principal. In each episode the spoken
          command (speaking order) will release.
       4. By leading training institution in the period from time to time and set rules for apprentices to be issued.
       5. An injury while training the trainee's loss it is his own.
       6. Other expulsion of trainees –

         a. Refused entry or required information even after the submission of certificates etc.
         b. Refused entry or required information even after the submission of certificates etc.............
         c. Body shop / hostel / teaching - learning negligence, indiscipline or misconduct on.
         d. The presence or unsatisfactory progress in training the trainee or any other reason to be unfit for vocational training.
         e. Training period before the entry of the applicant or any of the police or the court found to be related to the episode.
         f. The wrong complained of, found right at the entrance canceled.
         g. Conditions of appeal - the complaint, etc., etc. The appeal of expulsion, Joint Director (Industrial Training Institutions)
          regional office, usually within one month of receipt will be considered. Trainee / appellant, the United manager's decision shall be final bounded.

    Information relating to the examination

       1. On completion of each academic session last July and in February / Supplementary examinations, which are known as All India Professional
         exam. The businesses / institutions NCVT is not recognized by the August / SCVT in February will be examined by.
       2. The examination National Vocational Training Council and the State Board of Examination, New Delhi Government of India Ministry of Labour
          Manpower Planning Department C.G. is obtained by the rule.
       3. National/State level business certificate issue to trainees which is valid in all over industry and sector of India and their state.
       4. Regular trainees to attend the exam at least 60 per cent and 80 per cent attendance and experimental sectional points is required to obtain
         40 percent of each subject.
       5. In addition to the practical business of Trade Theory, Engineering Drawing, Science and Social Studies exams and also calculation workshop,
          which individually must be passed.
       6. Practical exams question papers for a minimum of 60 per cent and 40 per cent is required to obtain the other.
       7. Trainees fail to pass the three-year provision to only 6 occasions.

       8. National / state vocational trainees who attend the exam fee will be tempted by the low rate.
         a. Regular trainees - Rs 100/-
         b. Former trainees - Rs 150/-
         c. Registration fee - Rs 10/-