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  • Reservation Criteria For Admission in Govt. ITI Hathbandh :-

        a)     Vertical Reservation:-
          Scheduled Caste - 15%
          Scheduled Tribe - 21%
         Other Backward Classes - 14%

        b)     Horizontal Reservation:-
          For disabled applicants - 03%
          Freedom Fighter Son / Daughter / Grandson / Granddaughter / Grandson / Granddaughter - 03%
          Soldier / Ex. Soldier (Not available on their Son / Daughter) - 03% (Max. 10 Seat)
          Departmental officers and employees (whether they be related to employment or training side by side) for the son or daughters - 05%
          Raised in an Orphanage for Orphans Registered - 3 Seat

    Women of state policy, 30 percent of industrial training institutions were reserved for women according to the following provisions :-

          Vertical and Horizontal category will be 30 per cent.
          Vertical and horizontal under any category or class of female candidates is not available The range of eligible male candidates
           admitted thus class,
         Reserved seats for women but other category / class will not be adjusted.

    Reservations for district applicants

          Pravinyta in the category of Industrial Training Institute, based on 50 percent of first instance and then the remaining space will be
            filled by applicants, 50 percent of the state space will be filled by applicants in the district.
          Spaces reserved for SC-ST-segment Javenge filled by candidates. Similarly, spaces reserved for SC ST candidates Javenge filled.
            Shall be filled by candidates from both categories. When these three categories of vacancies filled by another candidate shall backward
            class. When these three categories are not available, then the candidate will fill in the blanks normal range.