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  • ITI Hathbandh Document Details
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    1. Civil Works Dedicted Plot in the name of ITI Copy of B1 Khasara and Naksha clearly indicating that land belongs to Govt. ITI Hathnadh. Download
    2. Civil Works ITI boundary wall with main enterance gate Photographs of boundry ball with enterance gate at ITI Hathbandh Download
    3. Civil Works Availability of Building completion Certificate Availability of Building completion Certificate by the local planning authority of Hathbandh. Download
    4. Civil Works Owned Building of ITI Electricity Bill in the name of institute Govt. ITI Hathbandh Download
    5. Trades Diversity of Trades (Availability of trades over and above fitter and electrician) NCVT Affiliation order copy. Download
    6. Trades Availability of High-end/advanced trade such as Machinist/Turner/Welder/MMV/MD/RAC/ Tool& Die Making/Power Electronics NCVT Affiliation order copy of Welder Trade Download
    7. Trades Availability of High-end machinery& Equipment categorized asoptionalas per NCVT Photographsof WeldingSimulators for SMAW/GTAW/GMAW Download
    8. Trades Reaffiliation of all trades as per latest NCVT Norms NCVT Affiliation order copy. Download
    9. Industry Connect No. of MOU signed with Industry for industrial visit of Trainees Physical Copies of MOU Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
    10. Industry Connect Download
    11. Industry Connect Functional IMC In case of Govt. ITI Minutes of meeting of Latest IMC meeting Download
    12. Industry Connect Number of Guest Faculty from Industry Attendance Record of Guest faculty Involved in Last One Calender Year. Download Download
    13. Outcome Apprrenticeship engagement and Employment/ Placements(%) Apprenticeships contracts and email from employer/employment letter of Pass-out trainees of last Academic Session Download
    14. Outcome Download
    15. Outcome Download
    16. Outcome Download
    17. Outcome Download
    18. Instructors Download
    19. Instructors Availabilty of "full-time" ITI Principal Recordof Monthly salary of last three months Download
    20. Instructors Craftsmen Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) Certificateof Available Instructors (CITS) Certificateof Available Instructors Download
    21. Instructors Number of ITI Instructors with Industry experience of atleast 3 Years ExperienceCertificate of Instructor Download
    22. Production Center Download
    23. Capacity Utilization No. of Electricity Unit Consumed against Normsprescribed by DGT Electricity Billof last calander year Download
    24. Capacity Utilization Download
    25. Key Compliances Download
    26. Key Compliances Numbewr of Women Students equal to more than 30% of total strengthof ITI Copy of Addmission Register Download
    27. Key Compliances Download
    28. Special Achievement Awards and accolades at District/State/ National Level Certificate & Trophy against Awards and Accolades Download
    29. Special Achievement Rating Feedback Download
    30. Special Achievement Download
    31. Miscellaneous Operational IT Lab with minimum 10 Computetrs Photograph of IT Lab Download
    32. Miscellaneous Availabilty of library with NIMI books & Refernce Books Photograph of Library Showcasing books Download Download Download
    33. Miscellaneous Functional Website of ITI Download
    34. Miscellaneous No.of Schlorship Available with an ITI Download
    35. Miscellaneous Convocation Ceromony of ITI Pass-Out Photographs of Convocation Ceromony Download
    36. Miscellaneous Grivenance redressal mechanism in ITI Copy of Grivenance Redressal Register Download Download
    37. Miscellaneous ITI Logo Photgraphof ITI Logo visible on ITI Building & Enterance Gate Download
    38. Miscellaneous Skill India Logo Photgraph of Skill India Logo visible on ITI Building & Enterance Gate Download
    39. Miscellaneous Uniform for ITI Trainees Photgraph of ITI Trainees in Uniform with Identity Card Download
    40. Miscellaneous> Separate Wash Room for Girls Photgraph of Separate Wash Room for Girls Download
    41. Miscellaneous Availibilty of log bookin respect of Machine repair & Maintenance Physical copyof Log Book Download Download Download Download
    42. Miscellaneous ITI adopting Innovative Measures PhotographofWaste management & Scrap Utilization Download
    43. Miscellaneous Digital Payment Bank Statement of Last Financial Year Download